Restoring & Renewing the Esalen Campus

The Lodge, the meeting rooms named for Aldous Huxley, Abraham Maslow, Fritz Perls, Ida Rolf and others, Murphy House and Price House, the baths, the deck overlooking the cliffs – all of these function as sacred vessels for the kind of healing, exploration and discovery that happen at Esalen Institute and nowhere else. 

Your support is needed to restore current buildings and to allow Esalen to provide the kind of facilities that improve the ability of Workshop Leaders, Seminarians and Scholars to gain the most from their precious time here at Esalen. 

Looking to the future, we need your help to incorporate new concepts and tools for sustainability that meet high standards of “green” design and construction. With your assistance we could provide the kind of technology and facilities that younger generations need for personal transformation and the development of leadership skills.

To find out how your philanthropic investment could help provide updated facilities that nurture and enhance Esalen’s unique educational programs, please contact Elizabeth Stacey, Director of Advancement at (831) 250-1022, extension 253 or


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