Partner Program Pricing

Esalen has partnered with other educational institutions such as Upledger Institute, Social Venture Network, and others to provide programming on our Big Sur campus.

To register for these partner programs, it is best to call our toll-free number at 888-837-2536.

In these instances, when students pay workshop fees to the providing partner, Esalen's rate structure is as follows:

Accommodations Weekend Programs Five-day Programs Seven-day Programs
Point House Single $1,511 $2,936 $4,295
Point House Couple $2,206 $4,091 $6,060
Premium Single $1,216 $2,231 $3,265
Premium Couple $1,832 $3,287 $5,120
Standard (Shared) $ 646 $996 $1,585
Bunk Bed $ 471 $ 716 $1,160
Sleeping Bag $ 321 $ 431 $ 720
Off-Site $ 321 $ 431 $ 720


Workshop Pricing for Esalen Partner Programs


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