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Meet the Gazebo Park School Teachers

Each Gazebo teacher brings unique expertise and talent to the group. This diversity is a living example of one of Esalen’s founding premises: The true appreciation of differences.

Gazebo teachers are dedicated to honest, clear communication and empowered choices in any situation. Teachers and interns are continually working on their own growth process, mirrored by the children, in which they learn about themselves as people and professionals. This self-reflection is an important part of our work at the school in order for us to be effective guides for the developing children.

Gazebo teachers are respectful, sensitive, and caring. They utilize the essential skills of humor, joy, and patience. They lovingly guide the children in their care and ensure a feeling of success and accomplishment, which are very important for a child during early stages of development. They are able to perceive the whole child and how his or her parts come together to generate an integrated being.

Sofia Snavely, Gazebo Park School Teacher and Interim Program Director

Biography pending

Haley Wong-Curtice, Gazebo Park School Teacher

Biography pending


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