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Enjoy live music and dancing by the ocean at the annual Midsummer Festival, 7/2 at Esalen


Hosting a Conference

Host Your Next Conference or Event at Esalen

Hosting Your Own Event or Conference at EsalenEsalen Institute is a leading center for integrative education, soulful exploration, and personal and social evolution. Its extraordinary mission and spectacular location make it the perfect place to hold your independent conference, staff retreat, or training session.

Located in Big Sur, off of California’s famous Highway 1, Esalen’s twenty-seven acres include expansive ocean views, pristine nature to explore, a rocky beach, and of course our renowned geothermal hot springs. Our facilities include a variety of accommodations, dining lodge, and meeting rooms including the Leonard Pavilion (seating up to 150 people), and a variety of smaller meeting spaces for groups from 8 to 50 people.

Group conferences held on property must be related to our mission and vision of personal and social transformation, i.e., no tradeshows, weddings, etc.

Conference Rates are All-Inclusive
Schedule your two-, five-, or seven-day conference with us, and in addition to accommodations and meeting room space, enjoy three organic, gourmet meals per day and use of the entire Esalen grounds, including:

More Esalen highlights available to conference participants

  • Experiential programs presented by Esalen workshop leaders and guest teachers, including weekly Wednesday Evening Programs
  • Esalen’s organic flower, herb, and vegetable farm and garden (volunteer opportunities available)
  • Bookstore and gift shop
  • Heated outdoor swimming pool
  • Free Internet access (in limited locations)
  • Open studios in the Esalen Art Center, when available
  • Meditation round house, accessible 24 hours/day
  • 27 acres of lovely grounds to explore
  • Local Big Sur attractions including national parks, galleries, and restaurants

Schedule Your Conference 
Esalen offers its facilities to mission-aligned organizations for conferences. To apply, please send an email to that includes the conference title, brief description, desired dates, number of participants, and audio-visual or other facilities needs.

Conferences begin and end on either Fridays or Sundays, to match our other program schedules. Normally, your meeting space is available after 4:30 pm on the first day of your conference, and available until 11:30 am on the last day. If you reserve the entire Esalen property, you may be able to access meeting rooms before 4:30 on the first day.

Standard Conference Rates (all-inclusive)

Accommodations 2-Day 5-Day
Standard (2-3 per room) $700 $1,100
Premium Single $1,350 $2,450
Premium Couple / 2 people $2,000 $3,600
Point House Single $1,800 $3,650
Point House Couple / 2 people $2,550 $4,800
Bunk Bed (4 - 6 per room) $500 $750
Sleeping Bag (4+ per room) $350 $450

Meeting Rooms and Facilities Support

All meeting rooms have pillows and floor-seated back supports (back-jacks). Chairs and tables are available upon request. Esalen can provide basic audio-visual equipment and support as long as your requirements are communicated well in advance of your conference.

Esalen Meeting Rooms
Meeting Room Shape Dimensions (ft.) Size (sq.ft) Max Occupancy (seated) Max Occ. (movement)
Fritz Circular 25' x 17' 280 18 n/a
Maslow Rectangular 19' x 18' 342 16 8
Price House Rectangular 15' x 23' 345 16 n/a
Murphy House Rectangular 28' x 18'  504 30 n/a
Rolf Rectangular 30' x 19 570 24 18
Big Yurt Circular 30' diameter 750 35 24
Huxley Rectangular 40' x 30' 1,200 50 40
Leonard Pavilion Circular   1,900 140 60

Accommodations and Amenities

There are 78 standard bed spaces, 10 premium rooms, and 3 Point Houses available for your participants' accommodations.

More Information

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