Esalen Emergency Closure Relief Fund

 Esalen to reopen July 28. Support us during our closure with our Emergency Closure Relief Fund.


Giving Back through Scholarships

“My Esalen experience was made possible through a scholarship and, for this gift, I am tremendously grateful. Here, I have been a teacher, student, nursery manager, farm hand, and irrigator extraordinaire. I have learned and honed skills that I will have for the rest of my life.”
– Molly Leebove
Farm & Garden Apprentice

Financial circumstances can be an obstacle for some who want to experience Esalen, and first-time participants may initially feel reluctant to make the investment of money and time. Scholarships help Esalen fulfill its mission by offering our tools and approach to a wider community.

General student aid, and specific scholarships, help ensure that workshop tuition and accommodation funds are available to individuals and mission-aligned organizations who want an Esalen experience. There are several ways in which you can support scholarships at Esalen, including:

  • General Workshop Scholarship
  • Workscholar Scholarship
  • Farm & Garden Apprenticeship
  • Ethnic Diversity Scholarship
  • Gazebo Park School Scholarship
“As an Extended Student, I am grateful to receive scholarship toward earning an Esalen CARES (Community, Action, Responsibility, Equity, and Sustainability) certificate. I see this certificate as preparation for a healthy and full life.”
– Katie Sontag, Extended Student/Cabins

Photo of Molly Leebove by Ali Kaukas; photo below by Doug Ellis


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