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Farm and Garden Apprenticeship Scholarships

Scholarship Funds

Limited scholarship funds may be available for qualified applicants with demonstrated need. Scholarship applies toward reducing or waiving the Apprenticeship Fees ($450 per month) on a sliding scale based on need.


Financial need is determined by the guidelines found in the US Federal Guidelines which recommends ranges be set 2.5 times above the Federal Poverty level. While this income guideline is not our only consideration, it is heavily weighted for all Esalen scholarships, and special circumstances should be present and described if you apply and your household income falls outside of this range.

How to Apply for Scholarship

If you would require scholarship to be able to participate in the Apprenticeship program, please inquire with the Farm and Garden ( before applying to ascertain if funds will be available for the apprentice session you are interested in. If funds are available, and you believe you are eligible for scholarship based on your income or other issues, please fill out and submit the Apprenticeship Scholarship Application Form by the session’s deadline for application.

If applying for reasons of financial constraint, please upload proof of income (W-2, your last two pay stubs or other verification) into your Scholarship Application Form (.jpg or .pdf preferred). If you are not a US citizen, please provide the equivalent verification for your country. All scholarship documentation is kept completely confidential and used only for determining scholarship awards after apprentices have been selected for the program.

Esalen Farm and Garden Apprenticeship Scholarship


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