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Faculty Spotlight - Raj Sisodia, Vijay Bhat & Nilima Bhat

Raj Sisodia, Vijay Bhat & Nilima Bhat

Where do the fields of leadership and consciousness intersect? What will that space reveal — about ourselves and also the world we will leave behind? These questions are what brought Raj Sisodia and Vijay and Nilima Bhat together.

“Having taught marketing for more than 20 years, I felt uninspired,” Raj Sisodia writes. “My quest for change led me to co-author Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose, and then to co-found the non-profit organization Conscious Capitalism. Is conscious the same as authentic, values-driven, and humane? Or is there an x-factor yet to be unearthed? This fascinates me, and clues may lie as much in Eastern wisdom as in Western insight.”

“At age 40, and at the zenith of my advertising career, I was diagnosed with colon cancer,” Vijay Bhat writes. “I had to confront my own mortality, and normalcy was redefined forever. Yes, a tough transition, but it contained a silver lining: a changed perspective on consciousness. My quest led me to access a deeper, wiser, richer part of myself, resulting in an entirely new worldview and lifestyle.”

“As a PR professional in 1998, I had an existential crisis,” says Nilima Bhat.  “I asked myself, ‘is this it? Is my career fulfilling my life’s purpose?’ I agonized. My quest for deeper meaning led me to pursue yoga and consciousness studies, and my story comes full circle as I now co-facilitate this program for business leaders.”

Where is your quest for meaning and purpose leading you? Join these three innovative Esalen faculty to peer over the horizon at Esalen.

See Conscious Leadership: Accessing Presence to become Whole, Congruent and Flexible, March 21-23, 2014.


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