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Faculty Spotlight - Nitsan Gordon & Efrat Ashiri

Nitsan Gordon & Efrat Ashiri

“...peace comes by following three paths. The first is to make peace with ourselves — all of ourselves. The second is to make peace in ourselves with the significant people in our lives. The third is to find our own experience of Peace with a capital P.”--- Louise Diamond, from The Courage for Peace

Nitsan Gordon and Efrat (Efy) Ashiri both grew up in border communities in Israel where Katyusha bombs, sirens, and bomb shelters were part of their reality. As children, both experienced the loss of close friends and neighbors to violence. From a place of ongoing existential fear, guided by a deep yearning for change, they began a journey toward finding their experience of Peace with a capital P. The From Stage to Change approach that they will bring to Esalen is based on what happened when their paths crossed. Using their combined skills in playback theatre, dance therapy, healing touch, and emotional release work, they invite each person to awaken the creative peacemaker within.

See From Stage to Change: Awakening the Peacemaker Within, January 19-24, 2014.


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