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Esalen Campus Renewal Plan

Investing in the Future by Transforming in the Present

"Transformation is a process, not an event." -- Esalen Team

Beginning this fall and over the next three years, Esalen will undertake the largest and most significant campus renewal project in our 52-year history.

Rendering of the north side of the new Lodge

Expansion and Renovation

The campus renewal project will begin with enhancements to the following structures:

  • Lodge building and surrounding landscape
  • Dining hall, kitchen, Huxley meeting room
  • Construction of new guest rooms
  • Ongoing guest room renovations
  • Rebuild of South Coast Center staff housing
  • Improvements to parking, accessibility and footbridge

Commitment to Sustainability

The unifying goals of all of these projects are achieving high levels of sustainability, the preservation and enhancement of Esalen’s unique ambience and experience, and a long overdue upgrade to Esalen’s capacity to deliver our mission of transformative programming to the next generation of personal seekers and cultural change-makers.

Guest Experience

Most of the campus will be untouched and undisturbed. Our aim is to protect the essence of your workshop experience and your overall Esalen experience.

These projects will impact only a small fraction of the campus at any one time. The baths, most of the meeting rooms, your accommodations and the meditative spots around the property will be unaffected.

We are all committed to minimizing the impact of the construction and noise to ensure that your Esalen experience during the renewal is as deep and wonderful as always.

Lodge Renewal Phase I & II

At the creative center will be a complete renovation of our iconic Lodge building that preserves its unique atmosphere while upgrading and expanding to meet guests' needs for years to come.

  • Expanded dining room and new café
  • New kitchen
  • Larger Huxley meeting room
  • Additional meeting room
  • New firepit and landscaping

The renovated dining room and café will provide more space for reflection and life-changing conversations, complemented by increased natural light and high ceilings. The source of nurturing farm-to-table meals, our kitchen will also be upgraded and expanded.

The Huxley meeting room will move to the new second story of the renovated Lodge, offering an expansive, sunlit space that aligns with sacred universal patterns from ancient civilizations with the structural integration of the golden ratio, as well as a recognition of the seasons through an analema and solstice gazing windows.

Rebuild of Staff Housing at South Coast Center

In 2015, we will launch the rebuild of our South Coast center staff housing, much of which was destroyed by fire in 2012. There will also be new construction of a small cluster of guest housing on the north side of the campus near the Art Barn.

We Need Your Support!

Please join us in this exciting journey of renewal to preserve and enhance the unique, transformative Esalen experience while co-creating the next generation of Esalen. For further information on how to support Esalen's initiatives, please click here.


Please contact with any questions.

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