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Workshops with CE Credits for Psychology

Transforming Trauma with EMDR: Comprehensive Training (Parts 1 and 2)

Aug 21 - 28, 2015 Begins in 3 weeks
with Laurel Parnell

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful therapeutic method for healing trauma-based problems. Shedding new light on trauma survival—including sexual and physical abuse, accident and surgical trauma, and grief—EMDR is opening doors of the heart to genuine spiritual transformation.
This course is limited to mental-health professionals who are licensed to provide treatment, and mental-health interns who are currently being supervised by an EMDR-trained supervisor. Through lecture, hands-on practice, and demonstrations, participants will be shown:


Self-Hypnosis for Natural Mind-Brain Transformation: Ericksonian Hypnosis Seminars

Aug 21 - 23, 2015 Begins in 3 weeks
with Annellen Simpkins & C. Alexander Simpkins

Enjoy an intensive and powerful experience of self-hypnosis that you can take home! Your unconscious is a reservoir of potential, and hypnosis is an expedient way to access that potential. Recent neuroscience research confirms that the brain has many intelligent, unconscious pathways. These pathways function automatically and can be engaged and used to help you accomplish goals that might be difficult to do deliberately. By working indirectly and unconsciously in hypnosis, you can enhance your life unconsciously and bypass conscious limitations to resolve problems.


The Art and Science of Compassion, Mindfulness, Gratitude and Forgiveness

Sep 06 - 11, 2015 Begins in 1 month
with Byron Katie, Daniel Siegel, Kristin Neff, Dacher Keltner, Shauna Shapiro & Frederic Luskin

This workshop brings together a team of internationally recognized scientists, meditation teachers, and clinicians to deepen our understanding of how to live a meaningful, healthy, and joyful life. Weaving together ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience, the group, facilitated by Shauna Shapiro, will explore the transformative effects of a diverse array of meditative and contemplative practices, including mindfulness meditation, compassion and forgiveness practices, mindful yoga, and experiential exercises.


Buddha’s Brain: Lighting up the Neural Circuits of Happiness, Love and Wisdom

Sep 13 - 18, 2015 Begins in 1 month
with Rick Hanson with Jan Hanson

Using the power of modern neuroscience, informed by ancient contemplative wisdom, you can use your mind alone to change your brain for the better. Mental activity changes neural structure in a process called neuroplasticity, which gives you a great opportunity to redirect the brain, and thus your whole being. During this workshop, you will explore “self-directed neuroplasticity” for steadying the mind (a key to both worldly success and spiritual practice), cooling the fires of stress reactivity, and weaving positive experiences into the fabric of your brain and self.


Couples' Communication Retreat

Sep 25 - 27, 2015 Begins in 1 month
with Warren Farrell

Our inability to handle personal criticism from loved ones is a common Achilles’ heel. The more deeply we are in love, the harder it is to handle. Soon, couples feel they are walking on eggshells, unable to express themselves honestly, and the love fades. Raising children and dealing with money during an economic recession magnifies the problems even as those problems become the reason couples stay together. The result? Couples often remain legally married but psychologically divorced—in a minimum-security-prison marriage.


Love Yourself—For Everyone Else's Sake

Sep 25 - 27, 2015 Begins in 1 month
with Mark Abramson

This workshop directly challenges the confusion surrounding the issue of self-love. Self-love is the most altruistic of all practices. When you are free to be kind and loving to yourself, the world and all the people in your life are touched. This workshop is an experience of two trainings taught at Stanford University Medical Center. As director of Stanford's Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program, Dr. Mark Abramson has modeled his work after Jon Kabat-Zinn’s program (featured on Bill Moyers’ PBS series Healing and the Mind).


Brain, Mind and Consciousness: A Deep Knowing

Oct 02 - 04, 2015 Begins in 2 months
with David Presti & Kristi Panik

The human brain is the most complex object in the known universe, and the study of its structure and function is one of the most rapidly developing fields in contemporary science. Yet many great mysteries remain, including understanding the brain processes involved in memory, perception, mental illness, and arguably the greatest unanswered question in all of science: How are consciousness and mind related to the physical processes within the brain?


Open Your Heart and Reclaim Your Health Destiny

Nov 13 - 15, 2015 Begins in 3 months
with Eva Selhub

You are not your diagnosis, your DNA, or your parents. New science is showing us that it is possible to change the mind and heal the body in order to become the resilient beings we are meant to be. Eva Selhub provides a practical framework to rid the body of the ravaging effects of these stressors, overcome hurtful past life events, and shape an empowered personal future. She addresses how to change the body’s physiology quickly and lastingly through the deliberate evocation of biochemical reactions that counteract the unhealthy effects of fear and stress.


The Beliefs Our Bodies Carry: Somatic Sensing and Cognitive Repatterning

Nov 15 - 20, 2015 Begins in 3 months
with Michael Clemmens & Renee Jennings

This transformative workshop is a deep dive into the terrain of our so-called “negative” beliefs and fears (also known as introjects), and the embodied process of repatterning, or shifting, the body's energy around these beliefs and fears. This process enables our innate health and wholeness to emerge. Through the co-creation of a powerful group field, you will be working with your own introjects and their physical, emotional, and cognitive patterns — particularly how and where they resonate in your body.


Re-Visioning Madness: Compassionately Responding to People in Extreme States

Nov 20 - 22, 2015 Begins in 3 months
with Michael Cornwall & David Lukoff

Esalen co-founders Richard Price and Michael Murphy envisioned Dick Price's experiences of madness to be of great potential value in helping others, and as a way to expand the human potential movement. As a result, Esalen became a hub in the exploration of alternative models of madness and the development of new ways to help people in extreme states. Michael Cornwall and David Lukoff have been involved in continuing this exploration for more than thirty years. 


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Dec 04 - 06, 2015 Begins in 4 months
with Mark Abramson

The impact of stress on health is well recognized. Now the efficacy of stress reduction as an adjunct to medical treatment is being recognized in more and more health care settings. In 1996 Dr. Mark Abramson founded a program at Stanford University Medical Center using the 2,500-year-old technique of Mindfulness Meditation to train patients as an adjunct treatment for many different medical conditions.


The Pleasure Principle Today: Intimacy, Privacy and Secrets

Dec 04 - 06, 2015 Begins in 4 months
with Terry Hunt

The Internet, along with social networks, texting and “reality” shows, have profoundly changed relationships, for better and worse. This workshop is designed to integrate well-known principles that enhance personal growth and intimacy into this new landscape. Compulsive habits, including addictions and virtual identities and relationships, have become a way of coping in our increasingly complex, information-overloaded lives.


EFT for Physical and Emotional Healing

Dec 06 - 11, 2015 Begins in 4 months
with Dawson Church

More than 10 million people today use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for both mental and emotional health. Thousands of case reports and dozens of clinical trials show that EFT is extremely effective at reducing stress. This is because it combines acupressure, affirmations, and cognitive exposure therapy in an elegant, yet simple self-help formula. Unhealed traumatic events from your past can compromise your health. Once emotional distress is removed with EFT, the body quickly rebalances itself.



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