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Weekend of November 27-29

Improv Inspiration: Wit and Wisdom in an Instant

Paula Shaw

This workshop is an adventure in releasing programmed patterns and discovering the delight of spontaneous creation.

Mindful Communication:Truth Without Blame

Jean Morrison

All too often, the words we express create walls when we were hoping for connection or understanding.

Social Entrepreneurship: From Spiritual Values to Effective Action

Susan Collin Marks & John Marks

Many of us feel a growing longing to have a positive impact on the world.

Tending the Heart Fire: Regenerating the Body of Love Thanksgiving Yoga Journey

Shiva Rea

“Join our annual Thanksgiving retreat to tend your heart fire as the center of wisdom, soul satisfaction, and most of all the transforming power of love,” writes Shiva Rea.

Week of November 29-December 4

A Time To Reflect

This is a special opportunity for people to experience Esalen without taking a workshop.

Creative Tai Ji Practice: Play and Improvisation in Tao Living

Chungliang Al Huang

In Asian culture, the philosophy of “play” is always at the underlying core of “serious” living.

Improv: Expand Yourself With Laughter

Dixie Cox & Clifford Henderson

Activate your imagination, creativity, and spontaneity. Just as muscles can tighten with stress and age, so can notions about ourselves.

Meditative Writing

Benjamin Jackson & Lori Goldman

In this workshop, Ben and Lori will lead you through writing exercises and meditations designed to engage the senses and help you tap into your reservoirs of memory, imagination, and direct awarene

Shadow Play: Reclaiming the Disowned Self

Linda Nicholls

Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual's conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.

SoulCollage® and the Archetypes: Meet the Ones that Guide You

Mariabruna Sirabella

Enter an artful, slow-paced, and soul-spacious time to free your imagination and construct collages that represent the main archetypes that guide and inspire your life (even though you may not know

Weekend of December 4-6

Advanced Esalen® Massage Intensive: Gentle Creative Stretches within the Flowing Touch of Massage

Daniela Urbassek & Robin Fann-Costanzo

Moving a client’s body on the massage table in a skillful, creative, and attuned way is one of the fine skills of an advanced bodyworker.

Celebration of Life: Yoga and Meditation

Charu Rachlis

Each day is a gift.

Manifest Love With The Soulmate Secret

Arielle Ford

Are you ready to invite true love into your life? In this fun, empowering, and experiential workshop, you can learn how to:

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Mark Abramson

The impact of stress on health is well recognized. Now the efficacy of stress reduction as an adjunct to medical treatment is being recognized in more and more health care settings. In 1996 Dr.

The Pleasure Principle Today: Intimacy, Privacy and Secrets

Terry Hunt

The Internet, along with social networks, texting and “reality” shows, have profoundly changed relationships, for better and worse.

The Tao of Global and Personal Ecology: Making Healthier Choices in Our Daily Lives

Chungliang Al Huang & Amory Lovins

For more than three decades, Amory Lovins and Chungliang Al Huang have shared a special kinship in the natural wisdom of the ineffable Tao.

Week of December 6-11

A Time To Reflect

This is a special opportunity for people to experience Esalen without taking a workshop.

Awakening the Creative: The Painting Experience

Stewart Cubley

Explore the world of spontaneous creation, an unpredictable territory beyond the expected where no rules apply.

Body and the Erotic Field: A Workshop for Reclaiming Our Healthy Erotic Spirit

Michael Clemmens & Helena Kallner

How is it to be a person in your sexual/erotic body-self in a positive way?

Deep Bodywork and Healing Trauma: Working with Difficult Cases

Perry Holloman & Johanna Holloman

Deep Bodywork is a unique modality for healing the effects of trauma within the human organism.

EFT for Physical and Emotional Healing

Dawson Church

More than 10 million people today use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for both mental and emotional health.

The Life of Poetry

Joseph Millar

This week will be an opportunity to engage our greatest resources — attention, courage, precision, imagination — in bringing new poems into being.

Total Immersion for Total Transformation

Raphael Cushnir

This workshop is right for you if • You’re willing to perform a rigorous emotional and spiritual self-assessment

Weekend of December 11-13

Advanced Energy Efficiency and Alternative Supplies for Profitable Climate Protection

Amory Lovins

Half of America’s oil and gas and three-quarters of its electricity can be saved more cheaply than supplying them from existing facilities.

Beyond the “Revolving Door”: Gestalt Relational Constellations 

Gordon Wheeler & Nancy Lunney-Wheeler

Do you ever feel like certain issues in your life come around again and again, across different situations and relationships?

Bouncing Back: The Neuroscience of Resilience and Well-Being

Linda Graham

Welcome to an experiential weekend of strengthening your inner resources and the natural resilience that supports your well-being and flourishing.

Esalen® Massage for Couples

Deborah Anne Medow & Oliver Bailey

Give your significant other or good friend a wonderful holiday gift of touch. Enjoy the serene beauty of Big Sur as you and your partner learn how to give one another an effective Esalen Massage.

Voice of Change®: Find Your Voice, Live Your Truth

Suzanne Sterling

Do you yearn to stand in your power and speak your truth? Is it time to listen to the poetry of your own soul and the wisdom of your sacred intuition?

Weekend of December 18-20

Aligning With Nature: A Winter Solstice Yoga Retreat

Sarana Miller

For centuries, winter solstice has been a time of reflection. Today, the holidays can be a hectic time of doing, leaving us feeling stressed and depleted.

Loving Yourself

Daphne Rose Kingma

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve to be loved. -Buddha

Solstice Meditation Retreat

Mark Coleman

Following ancient traditions on this winter solstice, we will take this poignant time to retreat, slow down, and enter stillness, silence, and inner exploration.

The Art of Essential Touch: Classical Esalen® Massage

Carl Swanson & Ellen Watson

The healing art form of Esalen Massage has become a benchmark for contactful, caring, sensuous, and heartful touch.

The Workshop of Doing and Being: Rediscovering Creativity in Life, Love and Work

Barnet Bain

Come unlock the raw power of the creative self.

Month of December 20-January 17

Legacy Group - The Buddhist Path of Awakening

Vinny Ferraro

This program will be focused on the insight meditation practices of mindfulness and the heart practices of the Buddha.

Work Study - Deep Bodywork®

Rob Wilks & Paul Wehrman

Deep Bodywork, as created by Perry Holloman over the last twenty-five years at Esalen Institute, is a method that integrates the qualities of a flowing Esalen® Massage with the therapeutic effectiv

Week of December 20-27

Qigong for Health and Happiness

Mingtong Gu

Join Master Mingtong Gu for a week dedicated to healing and balancing body, mind, heart, and spirit through the powerful movement, sound, and visualization practices of qigong. This retreat is a gr

Soul Motion™: Tenderness at the Heart of the Dance

Zuza Engler & Scott Engler

“Soul is flow, an ever-changing cloudscape of textures, hues, sensations, scents, and feelings,” writes Zuza. “Soul is how the deathless Presence meets and moves a finite human body.


Linda Bloom & Charlie Bloom

What are you doing with your one wild and precious life? - Mary Oliver Thrive: To improve steadily, to grow, flourish, prosper, and grow vigorously.

Winter Solstice Mindfulness Retreat

Shauna Shapiro

Come rest and rejuvenate yourself in good company during this darkest time of the year, which also is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the return of light and the joy of life.

Week of December 27-January 3

Cultivating a Personal Practice: Shadow Yoga and Ayurveda

Scott Blossom & Chandra Easton with Robert Svoboda

Like the whales who gracefully navigate their winter migration down the California coast each year, we must cultivate a fluid mixture of perseverance, clear reckoning, skillful navigation of life's

New Year's Silent Meditation Retreat

Mark Abramson

Meditating in noble silence offers a special opportunity to focus inward, and to deeply connect with oneself, create intentions, and reflect on life goals.

The Natural Singer 

Claude Stein

Come and celebrate the awesome healing power of your voice. Whether you already sing or have always wished you could, this workshop can change your life.

Week of January 3-8

A Time to Reflect

This is a special opportunity for people to experience Esalen without taking a workshop.

Born to Be Me: Creating an Authentic Life of Passion and Purpose for Women

Karen Ely

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What are my dreams—or, did I ever have any?” or “What do I really want to do with the rest of my life?” then you are not alone.

Gay Men's LifeQuest

Devarshi Steven Hartman

What venture and passion is calling you next?

Kind Awareness: Meditations and Reflections on the Buddhist Path of Awakening

Noah Levine

Using a hybrid of mindfulness and loving-kindness meditation techniques, Noah will offer an experience of the teachings and practices of the Buddha.

Qigong for Health, Creativity and Empowerment

Michael Gelb & Roger Jahnke

“Qi cultivation strengthens your vitality, and enhanced vitality is a key to liberating creativity,” writes Michael J. Gelb in Creativity On Demand: How to Ignite and Sustain the Fire of Genius.

Straw Into Gold: The Alchemy of Memoir

Katy Butler

Do you have a story you are longing to tell? Take a great leap forward with a passionate teacher whose best-selling memoir was named a NY Times Notable Book of the year.

Week of January 3-10

Advanced Bodywork: Touching the Core

Char Pias & Jessica Fagan

In this massage-intensive workshop, we will focus on the abdominal and pelvic regions of the body, addressing both energetic and structural dynamics.

Weekend of January 8-10

Designing the Life You Want: Self-Renewal in the New Year

Mark Nicolson

You have never been where you are today. You have never been the age you are today, or had the experience you have today.

How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci: 7 Steps to a Personal Renaissance

Michael Gelb

Anatomist, architect, botanist, city planner, chef, engineer, inventor, geographer, geologist, musician, painter, philosopher, and raconteur, Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519) helped bring the Wester

The Brazilian Soul: Dance and Drumming

Cida Vieira & Mestre Beiçola

Drumming inspires people to connect. Nationalities and individual agendas disappear; what remains is the grounding presence of our transformed selves — our spirits lightened and empowered.

The Shared Heart New Year’s Retreat for Couples

Joyce Vissell & Barry Vissell

Imagine your relationship expressing the true depths of your love and commitment. If you are in love, this retreat is an opportunity to rise even higher in love.

Week of January 10-15

5Rhythms®: Moving Meditation

Lucia Horan

In order to find peace in the chaos of life, one must turn inwards. The body is the key to unlocking inner freedom and liberation.

A Time to Reflect

This is a special opportunity for people to experience Esalen without taking a workshop.

Plugging Into Body Intelligence: Love Your Life, Live Your Dreams & Lead the Change

Kathlyn Hendricks & Lamara Heartwell

Humans have the opportunity to make the shift now from fear-focused, adrenaline-fueled living to full-body-intelligent living.

Self-Compassion in Inner and Outer Relationships

Richard Schwartz

This five-day retreat is open to anyone — currently in a relationship or not — who is interested in exploring the idea that it is possible and optimal to bring one's full heart to any important rel

Weekend of January 15-17

A Future Unexpected: Women Creating an Unimagined Life

Daphne Rose Kingma

Women growing into their forties — or fifties, sixties, or seventies — are more than ever finding themselves on a path they’d never expected, either because of choices or out-of-the-blue life chang

Sacred Commerce: Business as a Path of Awakening

Matthew Engelhart & Terces Engelhart

Is your professional life based on relationships with staff, co-workers, or business partners? Have you experienced frustration in these relationships?

Taoist Sexual Secrets: The Alchemy of Energy and Ecstasy

Lee Holden

Within us is a wellspring of vitality known as qi waiting to amplify every aspect of our lives.

The 5Rhythms® and 4 Foundations of Mindfulness

Lucia Horan & Vinny Ferraro

In order to understand the dance one must be still. And in order to truly understand stillness one must dance. - Rumi

Yoga Practice: Refining and Magnifying Body, Mind and Spirit

Thomas Michael Fortel & Karen Cook

One of the fundamental tenets of yoga philosophy is that every human being is, at the core, an expression of divine light and love. The yogis refer to this as the Supreme Self or Inner Self.

Month of January 17-February 28

250-hour Esalen® Massage Certification Program

Deborah Anne Medow & Rob Wilks

Esalen offers numerous levels of basic massage certification.

Week of January 17-22

Leadership as a Path to Awakening

Matthew Engelhart & Terces Engelhart

“Leaders are stewards of the collective consciousness who steer the community toward what is sacred,” write Terces and Matthew Engelhart.

Patterns of Growth: Drawn from Nature, Shaped in Steel

Helmut Hillenkamp & Christy Hengst

Growth in nature follows subtle rhythms, as seen in spirals, veins, and distinctive sequences.

The I in the Storm: Bringing Self Leadership to Everyday Life 

Richard Schwartz

This workshop introduces the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model of psychotherapy, and teaches healing professionals and all who are interested how to apply it to their own countertransference.

Month of January 17-February 14

Legacy Group - Songsmithing:Opening the Creative Channel 


If your life was a song, what would that song be? If you told the story of your heart, what story would you tell?

Work Study - Integral Way Tai Chi®

Kenn Chase & Victoria Chase

Regular practice of tai chi ch’uan can have profound effects on our neuro-biology, and it produces many health benefits.

January 20-22

A Time To Reflect

This is a special opportunity for people to experience Esalen without taking a workshop.

Weekend of January 22-24

Align Your Body and Awaken Your Heart through Yoga

Todd Norian

The true path of yoga leads back home to your heart, where you discover the unique gifts only you can offer the world.

The Renaissance of Spirit: The Art and Mystery of Making a Difference

Jean Houston & Peggy Rubin

“A Renaissance is a ‘rebirth’ that brings exciting new innovation, experimentation, exploration and discoveries,” writes Jean Houston.

The “Three R’s” for Hospice and Palliative Care Health Professionals: Respite, Reflect, Release

Charlea Massion

We care deeply for others, but how about ourselves?

Week of January 24-29

Inspired by Esalen: Drawing and Architectural Ironwork

Helmut Hillenkamp & Christy Hengst

With major renovations underway at Esalen, now is a great time to take a look at its built environment, hear and exchange stories of how some of the structures came to be, and explore the philosoph

Love and Belonging: Harvesting the Power of Attachment, Intimacy and Autonomy

Dyrian Benz-Chartrand & JoAnne Chartrand-Benz

Love and a sense of belonging are the cornerstones to fulfilling relationships throughout life. When the flow of love and acceptance is interrupted in life, the soul suffers.

Radical Thinkers Breakout! A Journey into the Archives with Bateson and Watts

Nora Bateson & Mark Watts

There was a time in Esalen’s history when Gregory Bateson and Alan Watts were regulars, and it was perfectly “normal” to upturn the whole collection of premises upon which Western society is built…

The Art of Masterful Living: Embodying the Five Elements through Yoga

Todd Norian

We are all made of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and sky. Masterful living is achieved when these elements are balanced within.

Wild Serenity in Love

Camille Maurine & Lorin Roche

Living and loving fully takes courage and all the inner resources one can muster.

Weekend of January 29-31

A WisdomWomen Visionary Gathering

Sally Kempton, Konda Mason & Michelle Stransky

Please carefully read the application process at the end of the description.

Week of January 31-February 5

Beyond the Long Stroke: The Integration of Deep Bodywork in Esalen® Massage

Perry Holloman & Johanna Holloman

“In our previous classes, we’ve focused on teaching the practice of Deep Bodywork for specific segments of the body,” write the leaders.

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Lynda Greenberg

For many, drawing seems to be a mysterious process reserved for the “talented” few. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain has debunked this myth.

Yoga and Zen: Entering The Bloodstream

Tias Little & Henry Shukman

One of the primary aims of yoga and zen practice is to integrate them so deeply into our lives that the practice flows through us constantly, like blood in the bloodstream.

Weekend of February 5-7

Evolutionary Relationships: Opening into the Great Heart

Sally Kempton & Marc Gafni

Relationship is one of the great pathways to higher consciousness.

Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy: A Training for Health Professionals

Gina Ogden with Kamara McAndrews

Health, well-being, and intimate relationships are profoundly affected by sexual concerns.

Psychedelic Medicines and the Mind

David Presti & Kristi Panik

Psychedelics are among the most powerful, interesting, and poorly understood of all the psychoactive substances.

The Art of Esalen® Massage

Daniela Urbassek & Robin Fann-Costanzo

This weekend offers the opportunity to replenish spirit and reconnect to the healing power of nature, while learning how to give an effective and pleasurable Esalen Massage.

The Moving Imagination: Soul Motion™ and Alchemical Art

Zuza Engler & Felicia Matto-Shepard

Alchemy is a mystical process of experimentation in which something not yet fully known or understood can be explored in a creative engagement with imagination.

Week of February 7-12

Trauma, Memory and the Restoration of One’s Self

Bessel van der Kolk & Licia Sky

The function of our brains is to take care of us and to be in sync with the body’s systems. Trauma changes the way the brain processes information and the body engages with the world.

Women's Sexual Stories: Healing the Wounds, Celebrating the Joy

Gina Ogden with Kamara McAndrews

The route to sexual pleasure and intimacy is like the route to any other of life’s mysteries. It means exploring new emotional landscapes.

Weekend of February 12-14

Finding True Love

Daphne Rose Kingma

"Love is the experience of emotional and spiritual awakening to the bliss that is the true condition of the soul," says Daphne Rose Kingma.

Girish Chant Camp: Daily Live Music, Yoga and Chant Practice


Join Girish for a weekend of chanting, meditation, yoga, pranayama, and kirtan to manifest and enhance divine love in your life.

Love, Sex and Intimacy

Charlie Bloom & Linda Bloom

For individuals and couples, intimacy is to the soul as food is to the body.

Week of February 14-19

Evolution of Gestalt Series No. 6: Healing and Empowerment: Gestalt Approaches in a Field of Trauma

Lena Axelsson, Michael Clemmens, Mark Fairfield, Renee Jennings, Mary Ann Kraus & Leanne O'Shea

As counselors, therapists, consultants, organizers, and activists, we confront traumatic events and their consequences, both past and present.

Lead to Gold: An Introduction to Alchemical Healing

Benjamin Fox & Lorie Eve Dechar

The origin of the word alchemy comes from the Arabic alkīmiyā, meaning "black soil art." Rather than looking up in search of transcendence, alchemists dare to go down – to dig deep into the soil of

Radical Aliveness: A Core Energetics Workshop

Ann Bradney

Ann Bradney writes, "There is a state in which you are fully alive, authentic, and spontaneous. You are open to all of your feelings, connected to your strength and your truth.

Month of February 14-March 13

Legacy Group - Touching Essence™

Ellen Watson

Touching Essence is a multi-sensory healing arts practice that combines the senses of touch, smell, and sound.

Work Study -The Art and Science of Living Well, Together

Linda Nicholls

We are all interwoven within a dynamic, complex web of interdependent relationships. Whether we notice it or not, we are not separate from our engagement with others.

Weekend of February 19-21

Delicious Meals in Minutes Fresh from the Esalen Garden

Leslie Cerier

In this hands-on, vegetarian cooking class, gourmet organic chef, teacher, and cookbook author Leslie Cerier presents delicious whole foods that are quick, easy to prepare, health enhancing, and nu

Easing the Neck - Bodywork Intensive

Tom Myers

As a bodywork professional, you know that many of your clients’ problems are accompanied by neck issues.

The Path: Mastering the Nine Pillars of Resilience and Success

Stephen Sideroff

Our stress and its symptoms are maintained unconsciously as a distraction from emotional issues and harmful thinking.

Week of February 21-26

Improvisational Cooking for Health and Vitality

Leslie Cerier

In this hands-on vegetarian cooking class, gourmet organic chef/teacher and cookbook author Leslie Cerier presents whole foods that are not just good for you, but also pleasurable and delicious.

Mosaic: An Esalen Renewal Project

Wilma Wyss & Carol Bevilacqua

Esalen is a place where diverse elements come together to create something new.

Opening the Breath: Advanced Bodywork Intensive

Tom Myers

Manual therapists can use Rolfing-based structural integration techniques to create fascial freedom and build core support through the abdomen, spine, and pelvic floor for an integrated, complete b

Practicing Presence through Body-Centered Awareness

Patrice Hamilton

Our bodies are our greatest resource and provide a direct path for exploring our unconscious, limiting beliefs, and the emotions tied to them. The issues are in the tissues.

Songwriting: Catch and Release

Cris Williamson

“Everyone has songs living within, ready to emerge,” Cris Williamson writes.

Soul Motion™: Begin Again

Vinn Arjuna Martí

“Each time we gather to dance,” says Vinn Arjuna Martí, “we are poised at an open portal to divine presence.

Weekend of February 26-28

Conscious Loving Ever After

Kathlyn Hendricks & Gay Hendricks

What does it take to keep love flowing and growing in the second half of our lives?

Crafting Careers that Truly Fit: How to Work From Within

Susan Bernstein

More than 50% of Americans are dissatisfied with their jobs. Often, we stumble or fall into careers that don’t fit, and then we feel stuck.

Embracing the Wild Unknown: A Women’s Self-Renewal Retreat

Renée Trudeau

Self-care — the art of attuning and responding to your needs and desires — is a moment-to-moment process.

Fail Fast, Fail Often! Creating a Life of Passionate Action

Ryan Babineaux

Joyous and successful people spend less time planning and more time acting.

From Stress and Anxiety to Mindfulness: Wellness Retreat for Lawyers

Jeena Cho

Do you feel as though you’re constantly running on fumes, and always trying to catch up with ever-increasing demands?

Week of February 28-March 4

SAND Presents: Continuous Awakening - Nonduality in the Midst of Life

Sally Kempton, Jeff Foster, Rupert Spira, Peter Russell, Dorothy Hunt, Ellen Emmet & Helen Palmer

Many of us have experienced some form of realization and are beginning to recognize ourselves as awareness.

Weekend of March 4-6

Being Present for Your Life: Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

James Baraz

How much are you present for your own life?

Getting the Love You Want: A Workshop for Couples

Rick Brown

This workshop is designed to help couples understand at a deeper level why they were attracted to each other, why they get stuck in endless power struggles, and how to safely begin to work through

Science and Spirituality: The Missing Link

Menas Kafatos

Science and spirituality are usually thought of as fundamentally opposite, yet there is much more common to both than you might realize.

Shadow Play: Reclaiming the Disowned Self

Linda Nicholls

Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual's conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.

The Dynamic Spine: Yoga for the Prevention and Relief of Low Back and Pelvic Dysfunction

Harvey Deutch

We live in a culture that extols constant productivity. From sunrise to sunset, we move at a breakneck pace in order to meet the day's demands.

Week of March 6-11

An Introduction to Rolf Structural Integration

Edward Maupin

This workshop is an introduction to the principles of Rolf Structural Integration, especially designed for body-therapy and health professionals.

Awakening the Dream: Gestalt Practice of Working with Dreams, Symbols and Fantasies

Jim Kepner & Lourdes Quiroz Kepner

Therapists, coaches, and facilitators in human development need to access resources and insight that may not be readily available in the client's current awareness.

Re-Creation: An Intensive Movement Medicine Journey

Ya'Acov Darling Khan

How would your life be if the past were a source of inspiration and energy?

The ArtLife Workshop

Nicholas Wilton

This workshop is a playful exploration of the creative image-making process.

Visionseeker: Shamanic Cosmology

Hank Wesselman

Over the past 35,000 years, indigenous shamans developed a methodology to expand awareness and explore the many dimensions of reality, generating a rich body of knowledge about the nature and funct

Weekend of March 11-13

Free Your Body: Yoga for Common Injuries and Limitations

Amy Ippoliti

Do you identify yourself as an injured person or see yourself as easily injured?

I Am the Word: The Energetics of Consciousness

Paul Selig

In his breakthrough works of channeled literature, I Am the Word and The Book of Love and Creation, author and medium Paul Selig recorded a program for personal and planetary evolution as humankind

Strengthening the Heart with Compassion

Leah Weiss

Experience a weekend immersion in compassion cultivation, based on the Stanford Compassion Training program developed by psychologists, scientists, and contemplative scholars at Stanford University

The Power of Purpose: Living and Working From Your Passion

Athena Katsaros

Purpose is life flowing through us; it exists within each of us. What would your life be like if you could clearly articulate your purpose and find the courage to live it?

What’s Next? Reviewing and Revisioning Our Lives

Sam Keen

Periodically, we need to review and revision our lives. Every decade of the life-cycle brings new challenges, goals, pleasures, and horizons.

Week of March 13-18

I Am the Word: The Energetics of Consciousness

Paul Selig

In his breakthrough works of channeled literature, I Am the Word and The Book of Love and Creation, author and medium Paul Selig recorded a program for personal and planetary evolution as humankind

Not For the Feint of Heart: Be Bold in Your Personal Growth

Mariah Fenton Gladis

If you’re “feint of heart,” you avoid confronting the emotional injuries or habits that prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest.

Romancing the World: Soulcraft, the Dreaming of Nature and the Mytho-Poetic Imagination

Bill Plotkin & Geneen Marie Haugen

Great visions and essential enactments of human potential emerge from that mysterious place where the taproots of soul intertwine with the dreams of Earth and cosmos.

The MAX: Expanding the Limits of Your Self-Expression

Paula Shaw

For more than twenty years, THE MAX has held an honored status among the Esalen staff and is considered by many to be an essential rite of passage for community members.

The Yi Quan Qigong Intensive: Develop Health, Balance and Inner Strength

Kenneth Cohen

Do you ever wonder why, despite the miracles of modern medicine, more than 2.5 million Americans practice ancient healing exercises from China?

Month of March 13-April 10

Legacy Group - Leading with Mindfulness: Using Discernment and Compassion to Effect Change

Bill Morgan & Susan Morgan

Leadership in these challenging times requires sensitivity, discernment, and wise action. Mindfulness meditation is a vehicle that can cultivate and strengthen these qualities.

Month of March 13-April 10

Work Study - Seeing Eye to I: Learning the Art of Wellness

Sam Berne

The eyes reveal many mind-body patterns related to health.

Weekend of March 18-20

Arrive Already Loved: Creating Sacred Attachment with Yourself in the Here and Now

Mariah Fenton Gladis

"Many people ask me how to have a fair shot at developing a healthy relationship with another human being," writes Mariah Fenton Gladis. "I advise them to arrive already loved.

From Despair to Resilience: Transforming Our Relationship to this Troubled World

James Baraz & Bob Doppelt

Life today is filled with anxiety and stress—from ever-increasing pressure to produce more with less, rising tensions over equity and social injustice, and moral and spiritual distress over environ

Improv Inspiration: Wit and Wisdom in an Instant

Paula Shaw

This workshop is an adventure in releasing programmed patterns and discovering the delight of spontaneous creation.

Kindred Spirit

Matthew Engelhart & Terces Engelhart

The Kindred workshop is all about relationships: Are we going to use this relationship to awaken together? What if love is a presence – a state of mind?

Sacred Evolution: Yoga and Meditation

Charu Rachlis

“We are living in the most accelerated time of change in history,” Charu Rachlis writes. “The challenge each of us faces is how to navigate these changes with wisdom, creativity, and joy.

Shared Adventures in Woodturning

Jerry Kermode

Enjoy an opportunity to learn the ancient craft of woodturning during this weekend of hands-on instruction in technique and philosophy.

Week of March 20-25

An Introduction to Esalen® Massage: The Art of Healing Touch

Brita Ostrom & Dean Marson

This workshop is a wonderful opportunity for you to enjoy the beauty of Big Sur and the healing waters of the Esalen hot springs, while gaining a foundation in the art and practice of Esalen Massag

Beyond Tantra: Integrating Science, Spirit and Sexuality

Shauna Shapiro, Margo Anand & Lorin Roche

Join internationally recognized teachers to weave together ancient wisdom traditions of Tantra and meditation with modern neuroscience.

Esalen Farm to Table: Farmstead Traditions for the Contemporary Kitchen

Phillip Burrus

“At Esalen, we're blessed to be situated in a culinary paradise,” writes Esalen chef Phillip Burrus.

Heart of Awareness: Joining Embodiment and Meditation, Discovering Healing and Compassion

Susan Aposhyan

Being a human is a complex task. In order to make the most of our lives and cultivate a peaceful and sustainable human culture, most of us need to practice being present and feeling our bodies.

Weekend of March 25-27

A Time to Reflect

This is a special opportunity for people to experience Esalen without taking a workshop.

Enlivening Meditation Practice

Bill Morgan & Susan Morgan

Why do we struggle to meditate regularly?

Fire and Flow: Spring Equinox- Easter Regeneration Retreat

Shiva Rea

As the very flow of consciousness, you dance the world into existence. – Ksemaraja

The Art of Seeing: Integrating Our Eyes, Brain and Body for Better Wellness

Sam Berne

Today, the fear of losing our eyesight is escalating because of an increase in many deteriorating visual conditions. Current allopathic medical approaches offer little hope.

The Magical Family

Ivy Mayer Lavie

Enjoy the magic of Esalen with your family! Get ready for a unique experience for you and your child, including mindfulness practices through visual, expressive, and sensory awareness games.

Week of March 27-April 1

Esalen® Massage: Accessing the Back Body from the Front

Daniela Urbassek & Nora Matten

This workshop is ideal for practitioners who would like to learn how to apply the principles of Esalen Massage while keeping the client in the supine position throughout the session.

Mindfulness through Qigong: Meditative Movement and Sound

Mingtong Gu

This healing workshop is designed to activate your essential capacity to live with a clear mind and open heart.

Revisioning Your Hero’s Journey®: A Mythological Toolbox (23rd ed., revised)

Robert Walter

For years, Joseph Campbell celebrated his birthday (March 26th) at Esalen.

The Practical Art of Living Flow: A Spring Regeneration Retreat

Shiva Rea

Dive into a regenerative yoga retreat and align yourself with the emergence of spring.

Unshakable Presence: Coming Home to Who You Truly Are

Miranda Macpherson

Imagine being deeply at rest, and held within an unconditional love that offers total support for you to go within, let go, and address the important themes of your life.

Weekend of April 1-3

Being Present in the Body: Using Mindfulness to Work with Trauma

Pawan Bareja

Our desire to be happy is our most basic urge, but physical or emotional trauma can get in the way.

Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life

Gregg Levoy

Callings are urgings and imperatives from the deep self that tell us what it will take to make our lives "come true." They point us toward awakenings, course corrections, and powerful authenticity.

Liberate the Body and Stretch the Mind: Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga

Wes "Scoop" Nisker & Katchie Ananda

Oh wondrous creatures, by what strange miracle do you so often not smile? —Hafiz

Taking the Midlife Leap, One Step at a Time

Jett Psaris

If you are between 40 and 65 years old, you are undoubtedly attempting to navigate the emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of your midlife passage.

Week of April 3-8

Embodied Intimacy: A Neurobiological-Gestalt Training in Relational Sex Therapy

Stella Resnick

As therapists, our effectiveness depends on our own continuing aliveness and growth, particularly in interpersonal relationships.

Esalen® Massage and the Art of Continuous Presence

Oliver Bailey & Peggy Horan

Esalen Massage is a moving meditation, a practice in presence and mindfulness, and a loving healing art.

Falling in Love with Where You Are: Finding the Mindful Calm in the Midst of Life's Storm

Jeff Foster

What happens when – even for a moment – you stop trying to fix or improve yourself, and embrace yourself exactly as you are?

Mindful Living Revolution: How to Live Sustainably and Thrive from the Inside Out

Deborah Eden Tull

The way we treat our selves and the way we treat our world are one and the same.

Present–Open–Awake: Soul Motion™ and Embodied Inquiry

Zuza Engler & Scott Engler

With our body we are in the presence of a force that is filled with wisdom, loving, flawlessly reliable, and, strange to say, worthy of our deepest devotion. —Reginald Ray

Sacred Sound, Meditation and Dance to Change Your Brain and Transform Your Life

Yuval Ron

Experience introspective and ecstatic practices of four ancient spiritual paths: Zen Buddhism, Kabbalistic Judaism, early contemplative Christianity, and Sufi-Islam.

Weekend of April 8-10

Enjoying Meditation: Returning to Ease

Peter Russell

Discover how something as simple as surrendering all resistance in meditation can open us to the peace and joy that lie within.

Esalen® Massage: The Basics

Brita Ostrom & Laurie Lioness Parizek

During an Esalen Massage, we experience a remarkable web of interdependence: a listening touch, a deepening breath, and our nervous system soothed in connection with another.

Pathways to Intimacy

Anne Watts

What if you could create more love and deeper and more connected relationships in your life?

The Writer’s Journey: Crafting Personal Stories that are Vivid, Compelling and True

Laura Davis

Many of us hold a deep dream of writing. We want to write so we can understand ourselves more deeply and so that we can be seen.

The Yoga of Willpower and Intention™: A Journey to Self Mastery

Tracee Stanley

Are you living to your fullest potential?

Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion

Gregg Levoy

What inspires passion in your life, and what defeats it? How do you lose it, and get it back?

Week of April 10-15

Dance of Oneness®: Spiral of Love

Banafsheh Sayyad

“How would you like to delve into movement as spiritual practice, and gain tools to dance through the cycles of birth, life, and death with grace?” asks Banafsheh Sayyad.

Esalen Inspirational Film Festival: Films that Empower and Enrich the Human Spirit

Corinne Bourdeau & Mary Elizabeth Murphy

Cinema can enlighten, inspire, and uplift the human spirit.

I- You- Us: Pleasure, Intimacy and the Search for Connectedness 

Terry Hunt

This workshop is about healthy relationships—in love, in friendship, in daily life.

Living through the Heart: Divine Tactics for a Spiritualized Life

Jonathan Goldman

Everything you need to live a grounded, prosperous, love-filled, spiritually authentic life is already built into your greatest gift; your body. Your body has many energetic layers.

Painting From the Source: Awaken Your Artist Soul

Aviva Gold

“If you've considered painting but never thought you could, or if you're trained in the arts and would like to explore your source of creativity, this retreat is for you,” writes Aviva Gold.

Spinal Awareness (with Humor): The Essence of Feldenkrais® and Energy Work

Patrick Douce

Spinal awareness is a combination of the Feldenkrais Method®, Taoist energetic science, and the Esalen experience.

Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving 

Charles Muir & Caroline Muir

This is a “reset point” for couples who want to dramatically improve the quality of sex and intimacy in their love lives and open up to more ecstatic pleasure and spiritual connection in their rela

Month of April 10-May 8

Legacy Group - Epicenter: A New Approach to Bodymindspirit Manual Therapy

Eric Moya

“Manual therapy” is any kind of therapy that uses the practitioner’s hands as part of the healing process.

Work Study - Embodied Relational Gestalt

Michael Clemmens

“We develop relationships with ourselves and others through the physicality of our vision, smell, touch, and movement,” says Michael Clemmens.

Weekend of April 15-17

Emotional Mindfulness, Connection and Healing for Gay Men

Ron Frederick & Timothy Beyer

Why is it so hard for us as gay men to feel present in our lives and closer to those we love?

Fire in the Belly, Honey in the Heart: Spring Detox

Micheline Berry

Join us for a spring detox immersion into the healing depths of your own yoga practice, contemplative meditation, live music and percussion, ecstatic dance, and Esalen's famous hot springs and heal

Integral Transformative Practice®: The Essential Esalen Experience

Pam Kramer & Barry Robbins

What changes do you envision for yourself?

The One Thing Holding You Back: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Connection

Raphael Cushnir

Do you have an unrealized dream? Are you still waiting to tap your full potential?

Week of April 17-22

5Rhythms®: Heartbeat

Lucia Horan

Love is not a mood, but a dynamic way of being. - Gabrielle Roth

Big Sur Wilderness Experience: Springtime

Steven Harper with Stacy Carlson

Esalen is the trailhead to one of the most spectacular mountainous coastlines in the world.

Deep Writing

Eric Maisel

Eric Maisel’s Deep Writing workshops are simple in structure and powerful in effect. The group creates a genuinely safe environment because participants’ writing is neither shared nor critiqued.


Juergen Bamberger

Gyrokinesis is a movement method based on circular and spiraling body motion. It uses the natural movement capabilities of the spine to increase the circulation of vital energies.

Weekend of April 22-24

Awake in the Wild - Meditation in Nature

Mark Coleman

Following ancient spiritual traditions that value the transformative power of nature, this experiential workshop will be spent meditating outdoors in the natural beauty and mystery of Esalen.

Organic Skin and Body Care from the Garden

Rachel Berry

Discover how make your own high quality organic skin care, individually customized to best match your individual needs and preferences.

Spirit Songs: Freeing Your Voice through the Power of Gospel

Vernon Bush

Do you want to feel musical and spiritual freedom in every cell of your body?

The Posture Dance Connection

Esther Gokhale

Dance is an unusually rich avenue for improving strength, flexibility, circulation, posture, mood, and connection.

Transformation through Neuroscience: Enhance Your Brain to Reach Your Potential 

Annellen Simpkins & C. Alexander Simpkins

Neuroscience is the new frontier.

Women in Transition: Climbing into Your Authentic Self

Jnana Gowan & Suze Allen

Your house is on fire. Your boat is sinking. What do you want take with you? What are you happy to watch sink or go up in flames?

Week of April 24-29

5Rhythms®: Grief, Loss, and the Body in Motion

Lucia Horan & Peter Selwyn

Have you experienced loss and the natural emotions of sadness, anger, fear, and love? We all experience loss, but we don’t always know how to grieve.

Deepening Your Life Experience: Meditation, Yoga and Mindfulness

Mehrad Nazari & Michele Hébert

The ancient spiritual discipline of meditation, the core of many wisdom traditions, has integrated itself into modern life and become an increasingly familiar word in our vocabulary.

Healing Art of Deep Bodywork: An Introduction to the Psoas, Deep Visceral Work™ and Healing Knees

Perry Holloman & Johanna Holloman

Because demand for practitioners with Deep Bodywork skills is growing, Perry and Johanna Holloman have developed a series of seminars designed to teach massage practitioners this healing art.

Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training: A Professional Course

Jean Kristeller & Andrea Lieberstein

Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT), developed by Jean Kristeller, is an intervention program that addresses mindless eating, stress-related eating, disordered eating patterns, and

Painting the Outer and Inner Landscape

Adam Wolpert

Painting can be a profound experience — one that engages all of our senses, our minds, and our spirits. It brings together observation with introspection, contemplation, and healing.

Retreat Restore Lead: A Women's Leadership Retreat

Kerena Saltzman & Tery Eliot

There is a groundswell in women's lives like never before.

Self-Acceptance: The Heart of Healing

Joe Cavanaugh

The heart has reasons which reason knows nothing of. -Blaise Pascal

Weekend of April 29-May 1

Cultivating Meaning and Happiness through Mindfulness and Yoga

Ira Israel

Many of us would benefit from learning how to dis-identify with the mental chatter in our heads and cultivate equanimity.

Love Yourself—For Everyone Else's Sake

Mark Abramson

This workshop directly challenges the confusion surrounding the issue of self-love. Self-love is the most altruistic of all practices.

Men as Sexual Beings: Pleasure, Shame, Pride and Intimacy

Matt Englar-Carlson & Mark Stevens

For many men, sexual energy occupies a tremendous amount space in our way of knowing ourselves and relating to others.

Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Retreat

Jean Kristeller & Andrea Lieberstein

Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT), developed by Jean Kristeller, addresses the mindless eating so prevalent in our culture — the type of eating that can lead to weight gain, obes

Thriving in Uncertainty: A Workshop in Sensory Awareness

Lee Lesser

Life is uncertain. As much as we try to create stability and predictability, each moment brings its own surprise and its own unique offering.

Week of May 1-6

A Matrix of Light: Prana and the Practices of Yoga

Thomas Michael Fortel

Just as a plexus of nerves (many criss-crossing at the same place) in the body emits a stronger force of energy, the practitioners of yoga, by virtue of ongoing practice, have developed a high leve

Developing Strength and Long-term Pain Relief with Daily Foundation Training

Eric Goodman

Each day of this workshop will teach you powerful movement and breathing skills to improve the overall strength of your whole body.

Dream Descent: Journey to the Soul and the Promise of Archetypal Dreamwork

Christa Lancaster & Marc Bregman

Every night, dreams come to help us know love in a very real way — in our bodies, hearts, and lives.

Gateway to Soul: Process Acupressure

Laurie Cahoon & Paul Sibcy

Would you like to find wise inner guidance from all parts of yourself?

Improv: Expand Yourself with Laughter

Dixie Cox & Clifford Henderson

Activate your imagination, creativity, and spontaneity. Just as muscles can tighten with stress and age, so can notions about ourselves.

In Touch with Your Inner Knowing: Opening Your Heart and Whole Body to Intimacy

John Prendergast & Kelly Boys

What does it mean to be intimately in touch with yourself and others? How may the subtle cues of your heart and whole body guide you to navigate the mysteries of love and life?

The Good-Hearted Physician: Flourishing as a Twenty-First Century Physician

Jim Duffy & Alejandro Chaoul

The practice of medicine has never been easy. However, the twenty-first-century physician faces extraordinary challenges.

Weekend of May 6-8

A Different Perspective: Reframe Your Life Using Play, Embodiment and Humor

Ann Randolph & Michael Clemmens

It is all too easy to stay stuck in a rut, unable to see or do things differently even when we know we want to change.

Expand Your Vinyasa Flow Yoga Toolkit

Ulrika Engman

There are many tools in yoga that greatly enhance, support, and liberate the body’s full potential for increased range of movement and help align the spine with the limbs.

Mother's Day Family Workshop

Joanna Claassen & Sean Brennan

This Mother's Day weekend, celebrate and nourish yourself and your family. Esalen is a magical place for adults and children alike.

The Way of Awareness

Will Kabat-Zinn

“During this retreat, we’ll take a deep dive into our hearts and minds, cultivating meditative stillness of mind and body and looking deeply into the nature of our own experience,” Will Kabat-Zinn

The Writing Life

Ellen Bass

There is a vitality, a life-force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action. And because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.

Week of May 8-13

Anchoring into Our Body and Breath: A Yoga Journey through the Elements

Ulrika Engman

Every part and system of the body has an elegant and intelligent design behind it, supporting its meaning and purpose.

Awakening the Creative: The Painting Experience

Stewart Cubley

Explore the world of spontaneous creation, an unpredictable territory beyond the expected where no rules apply.

Brilliant Body: Fundamentals of Conquering Injury and Pain

Jean Couch & Jenn Sherer

Do chronic tension, stress, or aches and pains plague you? Are you fit, but injured? Do you feel tight all the time?

Exploring Fundamental Contentment through Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Cordaro & Robin Stern

“At the deepest core of human wellness is a sense of profound completeness called fundamental contentment, and uncovering it for yourself is your birthright,” write the leaders.

Soul Motion™: The Practice

Michael Molin-Skelton

“Soul Motion is a movement practice during which we cultivate our capacity for listening to the deep wisdom of the body and the silent whisperings of the soul,” says Michael.

The Path of Forgiveness: Returning to Love

Eileen Barker & Michael Gelbart

Forgiveness is essential for anyone seeking psychological freedom, emotional transformation, more fulfilling intimacy, and spiritual growth.

Month of May 8-June 5

Legacy Group - Being a Positive Influence for a Flourishing World

George Protos

By accessing our emotional, cognitive, and relational capacities, we can become influencers for positive change.

Month of May 8-June 5

Work Study - Write Your Life for the Page and the Stage

Ann Randolph

As we write, we are both describing and deciding the direction that our life is taking. –Julia Cameron

Weekend of May 13-15

Causative Nutrition: How to Maximize Your Health With Food

Julienna Hever

“In a society with an unquenchable thirst for the ideal diet, a feverish search ensues,” Julieanna Hever writes.

Experiencing Esalen

Deborah Anne Medow

We must answer anew the old questions. "What are the limits of human ability, the boundaries of the human experience? What does it mean to be a human being?" — From the 1965 Esalen Catalog

Exploring Fundamental Contentment through Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Cordaro & Robin Stern

“At the deepest core of human wellness is a sense of profound completeness called fundamental contentment, and uncovering it for yourself is your birthright,” write the leaders.

Mindfulness in Deep Relationship: Savoring the Sources of Nourishment

Jerome Front

This retreat invites participants to open to their most elemental relationship, that which exists between the body, mind, and the natural world as it manifests through eating, food, and our senses.

Overcoming the Fear of Love: Adult Attachment in Romantic Relationships

Lisa Firestone & Joyce Catlett

What prevents most people from being able to sustain romantic, meaningful relationships that satisfy their needs and desires?

Unfinished Business: Creating your Next Steps in Life from the Inside Out

Pam Kramer & Steve Edelman

Is your life an expression of who you really are at the core? Perhaps you have already succeeded brilliantly at what you wanted to do, or gone as far as you can go.

Week of May 15-20

An Introduction to Esalen® Massage: The Art of Healing Touch

Carl Swanson & Nora Matten

This workshop will introduce the core concepts of Esalen Massage.

Beginning Integral Way Tai Chi™: Walking on Clouds

Kenn Chase & Victoria Chase

Tai chi is the ancient art of moving meditation.

Intimacy and Exposure: The Alchemy of Photography

Andy Abrahams Wilson

Photography is a profound exchange of light energy.

Land of Milk and Honey: An Introduction to Farmstead Arts

Charlie Cascio & Liam McDermott

Would you like to reconnect with farmstead traditions and develop your ability to produce and prepare your own food?

Liberating Your Essential Self: The Alchemy of Love and Aliveness

Karishma Darby

There is a deep desire in all of us to know ourselves, to live and love from our most essential nature.

Transforming Trauma with EMDR: Advanced Clinical Workshop and Refresher Course (Part 3) 

Laurel Parnell

Refresh your technique and review EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) protocols and procedures, consult on your difficult cases, watch demonstrations, and practice EMDR in small, s

Weekend of May 20-22

Garden Herbalism

Darren Huckle

The plant world holds many tools for supporting peace, resiliency, and vitality for those of us who live intense or busy lives.

Kabbalah and the Tree of Life: Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Mystical Traditions

Gahl Sasson with Bianca Sapetto

What is Kabbalah? Why did people from different cultural traditions risk their lives to study it? How can it help us improve our lives today?

Love Yourself and the Rest Will Follow

Mike Robbins

Self-love is one of those things that many of us know is important on our personal journey, yet can be challenging to embody and experience in an authentic way.

Massage for Couples, Friends or Family Members

Laurie Lioness Parizek & Oliver Bailey

This workshop is designed for loving partners who wish to bring the nurturing practice of massage into their daily lives and spend a special weekend together cradled in the beauty and intensity of

Mindfulness and Heartfulness: The Healing and Transformation of Mind and Body

Mark Abramson

This program is designed to integrate the practice of mindful awareness with directed heartfulness to facilitate growth, healing, and change.

Week of May 22-27

Hanna Somatics: Freeing the Wisdom of Your Somatic Self

Eleanor Criswell Hanna

Hanna Somatics is a mind-body technique developed by Thomas Hanna that enables us to move toward greater mind-body integration, ease of movement, and freedom.

Love, Sexuality, Relationship and the Will of Your Heart

Siegmar Gerken & Cornelia Gerken

Love is resonance with the flow of life. It connects us with all existence.

More Than a Communication Workshop

Jean Morrison & Martine Amita Algier

Whether you are looking for change in your close relationships, your work environment, or your wider world, the principles and practices of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) offer a lifetime of suppor

Relational Gestalt Process: The Transformative Power of Emotion

Dorothy Charles

In order to become whole, we must engage in the ongoing process of discovering our own personal truth.

The Passion of Painting - Get In, Get Out, and Get On With It!

Erin Gafill

How much more could you create if you weren't second-guessing yourself, or walking away from the easel too soon?

Weekend of May 27-29

Couples' Communication Retreat

Warren Farrell

Our inability to handle personal criticism from loved ones is a common Achilles’ heel. The more deeply we love, the more fragile we feel.

Family Mindfulness Retreat

Ivy Mayer Lavie & Shai Lavie

Imagine a beautiful and protected space that supports you to mindfully turn within and find greater ease, and gives you space to play and just be with your family—all held in the dramatic natural s

Fully Alive: Unveil yourself through Mindfulness, Yoga and Conscious Dance

Jovinna Chan

Who am I? What is my purpose? What is the most importing thing right now in my life? Have you asked yourself these questions?

Mind, Mood and Happiness: Transforming the Self 

Ronald Alexander

Studies in the fields of health psychology, neuroscience, and learned optimism confirm that people can learn to change their thinking and behavior in ways that enhance happiness and well-being.

Week of May 29-June 3

Abandonment to Healing: Overcoming Your Self-Defeating Patterns

Susan Anderson

Abandonment is a primal human fear and the underlying cause of emotional distress and dysfunction.

Experiencing the Esalen Farm and Garden

Christopher La Rose & Jessica Spain

For more than forty years, the Esalen Farm and Garden has provided a holistic model of food security and sustainability—producing food that sustains, heals, and educates the community.

Gravity and Grace: Yoga for Rewiring the Subtle Body

Peter Sterios

“Your mind is a powerful tool of attention, where everything is temporary and nothing is impossible,” Peter Sterios writes.

IAHE: The Upledger Institute International's CranioSacral Therapy 1

Melinda Naye

CranioSacral therapy is a gentle, noninvasive, hands-on technique to help detect and correct imbalances in the craniosacral system that may cause sensory, motor, or intellectual dysfunction.

Liberate Your Writing!

Sarah McLean

For many, writing is a spiritual practice that leads to a profound experience of timelessness. A single moment of inspiration can take you on an imaginative journey beyond time and space.

Weekend of June 3-5

Basic Sanity: Zen Wisdom for Daily Life

Jody Greene & Linda Galijan

In this workshop, we’ll study core principles from the Zen tradition that can help us bring greater sanity, presence, and ease to our daily living.

Claiming Your Voice

Meredith Haberfeld

Some of the greatest leaps in personal development come when we stop believing that others have more access to deep wisdom than we do, have superior opinions to ours, or hold sway over us—when we f

Getting Unblocked

Ann Weiser Cornell

Do you sabotage yourself? Is there something you really need to get done but you just don’t do it? Are there parts of your life that stay stuck no matter how hard you try?

Sharing Your Life Story from the Page to the Stage

Ann Randolph

Writing from your deepest source, gain insight and self-understanding that can bring peace and healing.

Soul Motion™: Freedom to Soar

Vinn Arjuna Martí

“Are you ready to rediscover your body relaxed and restored to its natural birthright of flexibility, ease, and wonder?” asks Vinn Arjuna Martí.

Women’s Intimacy, Desire and Eroticism: The Triumvirate of Sexual Pleasure

Alexandra Katehakis

Do you know the difference between intimacy, desire, and eroticism? Do you find yourself churning through lovers because your sexual desire drops off over time?

Week of June 5-10

God, Sex and the Body

Jonathan Horan

God, Sex and the Body is and always will be a profound and integral part of the 5Rhythms® curriculum.

New Self, New World: A Healing Embodiment of Consciousness

Philip Shepherd

“Here’s a little-known fact: 8,000 years ago our ancestors experienced their thinking in the belly,” proposes Philip Shepherd.

Plein Air Painting in Big Sur

Jennifer McChristian

Join award-winning painter Jennifer McChristian for a five-day intensive workshop for all levels of artists who want to learn the time-honored joy of painting en plein air.

Qigong Empowerment and Healing Intensive

Robert Peng

As a boy in China, Robert Peng apprenticed secretly under the legendary Buddhist monk Xiao Yao, who trained him in the martial and healing arts.

Sharing Your Life Story from the Page to the Stage

Ann Randolph

This is an invitation for you to discover your own unique and powerful story and the profound transformation that occurs when you speak it out loud.

Visionseeker: The Shaman's Path into Illumination

Hank Wesselman

The rediscovery of shamanism has emerged as a major thrust in the spiritual reawakening of the Western world.

Month of June 5-July 3

Legacy Group - Collaborative Leadership, Ecological Consciousness and Creative Self-Expression

Adam Wolpert

This program is part of our Integral Leadership Program Summer Leadership Series.

Work Study - Bhagavad-Gita: Wisdom, Literature and Leadership

Brad Lewis

This program is part of our Integral Leadership Program Summer Leadership Series.

Weekend of June 10-12

Gay Men Thriving in Love and Sex through Mindfulness

Rik Isensee & James Guay

Gay men have been at the forefront of sexual liberation, countering homophobia, and expanding the boundaries of sexuality and intimacy.

Guardian Qigong: Boost Your Inner Power

Robert Peng

When our internal organs are strong and healthy, we radiate an energy field called Guardian Qi that protects the body from the environment. Strong Guardian Qi also enhances the immune system.

Mindfulness and Lovingkindness Meditation

Shauna Shapiro

Come learn how to rest in the heart of joy, ease and loving presence.

Practical Intuition: Full Effectiveness Living

Laura Day

You cannot divide the material and the spiritual world. We are all part of one energy, and yet we often revere the spirit without valuing the material "self" too.

Week of June 12-17

Gestalt Practice and Cortical Field Re-Education: Developing Emotional and Somatic Resources

Dorothy Charles & Patrice Hamilton

Increasing awareness of our somatic sense of self provides new options for developing more effective psychological and physical patterns.

Inner Power Qigong: The 9 Phases of Qi Cultivation and Mastery

Roger Jahnke

Health, well-being, and longevity can be achieved through cultivating and mastering qi. Every style of qigong – including tai chi and yoga – shares a basis in essential principles.

Simply Wild: Experiencing Nature

Steven Harper with Adam Rumack

I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass, how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields,

The Painting Process Rediscovered: The Magic of Spontaneous Expression

Michele Cassou

For many of us, it is difficult to simply let go and create. Programmed to fear being judged, we set narrow boundaries on our creativity.

The Promise: Advanced Yoga for Everyone

Mark Whitwell

Yoga is not a linear process. It is direct intimacy with life, and it is available to everyone.

Wake Up and Write! (Writing as a Path to Awakening)

Albert Flynn DeSilver

Are you ready to experience, and then write forth, the truth of who you really are?

Weekend of June 17-19

Celebrating Fatherhood

Joanna Claassen & Sean Brennan

Inspired by Big Sur's wild nature and the heartfelt path of fatherhood, this family workshop will be a weekend of laughter, exploration, and connection.

Fathers and Sons: Celebrating Father’s Day in the Tradition of the Old Ways

Steven Harper, Kes Harper & Kai Harper

It is a wise child that knows his own father. — Homer It is a wise father that knows his own child. — William Shakespeare

Revolution: Shapeshifting Yourself and the World

John Perkins & Sara Vetter

“We have entered the greatest revolution in history: the birth of a new era in which we create a Life Economy for a Living Earth,” write John Perkins and Sara Vetter.

The Egoless Path to Self-Esteem and Generous Love

David Richo

“Our ego is healthy when it helps us fulfill our life goals,” David Richo writes. “When an ego becomes too big for its britches, it becomes egotism, the main obstacle to healthy relating.

Touching Essence: Esalen® Massage Retreat for Couples

Carl Swanson & Ellen Watson

This program is specifically designed to enhance the quality and experience in loving relationships through the sense of touch.

Week of June 19-24

Esalen's 12th Annual Yoga Festival: Summer Solstice Sadhana

Janet Stone, Sianna Sherman, Saul David Raye, with Jason Nemer, Jody Greene

Since ancient times, solstices and equinoxes have been essential and sacred points in the year to honor the flow of life on earth. They are times for us to come back into balance and harmony.

Weekend of June 24-26

Changes and Transitions in Your 30s and 40s: How to Stay True to Yourself

Phillip Moffitt

Your 30s and 40s are a transitional time in life. For most people, these decades are a time to make unique choices about how you want your life to be, and to find and step into your power.

Come Alive in Your 9 to 5: Building a Meaningful Career in Your Twenties

Adam Smiley Poswolsky

As 20- and 30-somethings, information overload and too much social media can spiral us into career confusion.

Hold Me Tight Workshop for Couples

Sam Jinich & Michelle Gannon

The Hold Me Tight Workshop for Couples is based on practices drawn from Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), attachment theory, and Sue Johnson’s best-selling book, Hold Me Tight.

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion: We Need Two Wings to Fly

Christiane Wolf

Are you curious about mindfulness and self-compassion and about their transformative potential for you? Join us for a weekend of practicing and learning together.

Waking Up, Together: An Excursion into Embodied Inquiry

Zuza Engler & Scott Engler

What if one day, you woke up smack in the midst of the human condition with absolutely no need to fix, deny, solve, or transcend anything?

Week of June 26-July 1

Writers' Camp

Cheryl Strayed, Pam Houston, Steve Almond, Samantha Dunn Camp, Alan Heathcock & Faith Adiele

Writers take over the entire Esalen campus during this annual workshop organized by best-selling author, Cheryl Strayed.

Month of July 3-31

Legacy Group - Tongue and Pen: Spoken Word at the Edge of Poetic Experience

Caroline Harvey

This program is part of our Integral Leadership Program Summer Leadership Series.

Work Study - High Performance Leadership: How to Unleash Your Full Potential

George Kohlrieser

This program is part of our Integral Leadership Program Summer Leadership Series.

Week of July 3-8

Libido Fundamentals

Andrea Juhan

“When we awaken through dance, our sexual energy begins to stir,” writes Andrea Juhan. “One moment we may feel juicy, radiant, and desirable, while at other times we battle feeling awkward or shy.

Weekend of July 22-24

Surrender to the Power of Your Intuition

Judith Orloff

Intuition is an incredible source of wisdom that everyone can tap into. The magic comes when we awaken it and trust its guidance in our personal and professional lives.

Month of July 31-August 28

Legacy Group - Exploring Symbol and Personal Meaning through Artistic Expression 

Branan Freeman

This program is part of our Integral Leadership Program Summer Leadership Series.

Work Study - Performance Theater

Peter James Meyers

This program is part of our Integral Leadership Program Summer Leadership Series.

Month of August 28-September 25

Legacy Group - Leadershp and Presence

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana

The more present we are in ourselves, the more present we can be with someone else.

Month of August 28-September 25

Work Study - Present-Moment Experience and Depth in Psychotherapy, The Hakomi Method

Robert Fisher & Julie Murphy

Experience the nuances of working with mindfulness and the present moment to unfold the creative and healing capabilities of the psyche.

September 23-October 2

Path of Devotion: A Yoga Teacher Training

Janet Stone

Whether you’re an established yoga teacher, an aspiring teacher, or a dedicated long-time student of yoga, the alchemy of a yogic path promises deep transformation.

Month of September 25-October 23

Legacy Group - Motion Theater®: Dreaming on Your Feet

Nina Wise

It is our nature to be free—and to express that freedom spontaneously and without hesitation through song and dance, poetry and play.

Month of September 25-October 23

Work Study - Deep Bodywork®

Rob Wilks & Paul Wehrman

Deep Bodywork, as created by Perry Holloman over the last twenty-five years at Esalen Institute, is a method that integrates the qualities of a flowing Esalen® Massage with the therapeutic effectiv

Month of October 23-November 20

Legacy Group - Embodied Relational Gestalt

Michael Clemmens

“We develop relationships with ourselves and others through the physicality of our vision, smell, touch, and movement,” says Michael Clemmens.

Work Study - Streams of Energy

Jim Gallas

Jim Gallas leads this program of Eastern bodywork and movement, including Reiki 1 Certification, a thorough overview of Shiatsu Massage, an introduction to meridian theory, and an easy-to-learn, po

Month of November 20-December 18

Legacy Group - Nonviolent Communication: The Language of Life

Jean Morrison

This month we’ll rigorously integrate the internationally recognized process called Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which is also known as Compassionate Communication.

Month of November 20-December 18

Work Study - The Art of Skillful Living: Leadership, Love and Freedom

Coby Kozlowski

We are all called to leadership as agents of inspiration, purpose, and change. Leadership is about being of service to the world, and every moment is an opportunity for leadership.

Month of December 18-January 15

Work Study - The Heart of Buddhism

Noah Levine & Vinny Ferraro

The Buddha offered a timeless teaching on how to live a life that is sourced from kindness, compassion, and appreciation.


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