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 Esalen to reopen July 28. Support us during our closure with our Emergency Closure Relief Fund.


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Sensory Awareness Chakra Meditation

This 36 minute, 9 track guided meditation practice seeks to focus awareness upon and regenerate the pathways to sensation and awaken the wisdom of the body. 

Tracking sensation sets in motion an energetic sequence that integrates a balance of body and mind connected to the resonance of life flowing, delivering us back to our essence.

Invoking the Chakras reveals the transformation of energy through tonal centers of resonance in the body, unveiling and realigning the signals of sensation that allow us to rediscover our essential being.

Didgeridoo Meditation

Experience the ancient sound of the didgeridoo recorded live at Esalen. This 11 track, 77 minute didgeridoo meditation features Big Sur waves, and didgeridoo playing and guest accompaniment by Ben Farhere and Cordell Wesselink gently guide you on an improvised journey of rhythm, breath and soul.

"Corey Costanzo's DidgeridooMeditation is a transportoive experience that has left me feeling deeply connected to the mystery of life. One of the best exepriences I've ever had at Esalen!"

Esalen Nalgene Water Bottles

32 oz  Nalgene bottle with graduation for easy measuring and wide mouth for easy fill.  BPA free, stain and odor resistant. Dishwasher safe- top rack only. Loop top design so you will never lose the lid.

Current inventory has white plastic caps and slightly different colors. 

  • Recyclable, reusable water bottle
  • Made of BPA-free Tritan copolyester
  • Dishwasher safe


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