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Campus Renewal

Campus Renewal Overview

Esalen Campus Renewal Project

Opening New Horizons

Our co-founder, Michael Murphy, reminds us that on this ancient ground we are opening new horizons. This can be seen and felt in the transformative experiences taking place in our workshops and in how those experiences are expressed through positive social change in our larger communities.

Opening new horizons has also come to mean the physical transformation of our sacred land. Through our Campus Renewal Project – the largest property development project in Esalen’s history – we are ensuring that Esalen will be well positioned to not only serve the next generation of personal seekers and cultural change-makers but also expand our impact in a world that faces increasing environmental, social, and spiritual challenges.

Our three-year renewal project is designed to enhance the Esalen experience through upgraded facilities, greater levels of environmental sustainability, and expanded capacity to deliver groundbreaking educational programs. At the center of this effort is the restoration of our iconic Lodge which now features a new kitchen and a second floor addition that is home to the new Huxley meeting room. The second floor is open and serving as a temporary dining room and bookstore. We completed this phase on a very tight schedule due to our dedicated team here at Esalen who remain committed to maintaining a caring and nurturing experience for our guests during construction efforts. Additionally, the renewal project includes the rebuild of our South Coast Center staff housing – a critical addition to scarce housing in the Big Sur area – as well as guest room refurbishing, construction of a six-room guest building, and upgraded infrastructure in the areas of accessibility, roads, and utilities.

As we continue this journey of renewal, your presence and support are vital to sustaining Esalen’s mission to further the exploration and realization of the human potential, a mission that is more vital now than ever before.

Gordon Wheeler
Esalen President and Interim CEO

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