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  • The prospect of further human development stands before us as an ethical demand, providing useful guidance for our scientific research, education, and legislation as well as for our individual and personal choices. The world needs those who believe in our common humanity, who understand and promote the development of all individuals and communities — body, mind, heart, and soul.

    Our mission at Esalen to facilitate such change within self and society has never been more vital than it is now.

    – Michael Murphy, Esalen CTR Founder

About CTR


About Esalen Center for Theory & Research

The goals of the Esalen Center for Theory & Research (CTR) span a wide range of commitments, projects, and passions. One of these is the development of a new worldview that can make sense of all of this and a transformative practice that can embody it, since vision without action is lame and action without vision is blind. Under the banner of “Toward a New Worldview,” CTR seeks to nourish and support an emerging 'school' in which theory, research, and practice will co-evolve to embody our latent supernature. 

Two Recent CTR Books

In spring 2014 a new CTR book, Panentheism Across the World's Traditions, was published by Loriliai Biernacki and Philip Clayton.  See the book review in CHOICE magazine here.

In spring 2009 another groundbreaking CTR book, Irreducible Mind: Toward a Psychology of the 21st Century, was published by Ed and Emily Kelly.


The Evolution of Human Nature

Throughout Esalen’s history Michael Murphy has hosted leading scholars of evolution and spiritual transformation to discuss the emerging vision of human evolution. Often described as “evolutionary panentheism,” this vision looks at how to reconcile scientific and mystical perspectives into a more encompassing vision of human possibility. It includes Jeff Kripal’s pioneering work on how the film, comic book, and television industries portray the evolutionary emergence of paranormal capacities in humans and so, in effect, advance Esalen’s own long-standing vision under the guise of entertainment and fiction.


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