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Bill James

Bill James

Bill is a recognized leader in financial counseling for high net worth clients including investment management, estate planning and charitable tax planning.

Bill James is also one of Esalen's most frequent visitors, attending close to 100 workshops in such diverse fields as psychology, writing, singing, hypnosis, self awakening, and advanced massage. Bill attended UNC-Chapel Hill and UNC School of Law. He left law school to enter the new financial services industry in 1970.

Bill has been an active donor to Esalen and the Soviet American Exchange since the 80's. He has pledged over $100,000 to Esalen and actively raises funds at Esalen workshops, matching gifts received. Bill's driving vision is to see Esalen thrive for future generations, update its buildings, and become self-sustaining, while preserving its special culture. Bill is certified in both Esalen Massage and clinical hypnosis. He has an active spiritual practice, having studied extensively with Eli Jaxon-Bear, Gangaji and Eckhart Tolle. Bill lives in Tampa, FL.


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